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pain doctor

Dr. Haruo Arita is a board certified pain management specialist and is passionate about utilizing minimally invasive treatment with least stress to patients' body and to improve the quality of lives. Dr. Arita has extensive experience in treating various pain conditions including musculoskeletal disorders, nerve pain, headache, cancer pain and others.

Dr. Arita's goal is to help people reduce their pain and resume more normal productive lives.

neck pain, car accident

Back pain

Leg pain

Buttock pain

Tailbone pain

Neck pain

Whiplash injury

Facial pain

Chest pain

Chestwall pain

Rib pain

Joint pain (Knee, Hip, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist)

Muscle pain

Nerve pain

Shingle pain


Spine fracture pain

Cancer pain

Arm pain

Hand pain


shoulder pain
back pain
knee pain
leg pain
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