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Pain is one of the most challenging conditions to treat.
When it comes to finding a right treatment for pain symptoms, there are numerous options available. Understanding each patient's pain is unique, treatment recommended to each patient will also be unique. Dr. Arita will spend time to find the most likely cause of your pain and promise to explore the best option to ensure to treat your pain.
Dr. Arita may not choose injections as a first line of therapy if your pain can be improved with simple solution as he believes medical treatment should be minimally invasive. If your pain is due to complex condition, then Dr. Arita can offer from common injection to most advanced interventional injections for the best possible result.
Dr. Arita can offer comprehensive care for a full range of pain conditions and coordinates care with growing network of primary care physicians, neurologist, surgeons, acupuncturists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and psychiatrists. This team approach is individually tailored so that patient has access to the best possible care for pain relief and functional improvement

Haruo Arita, MDPain Medicine Office
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